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Dr. Lisa Norman has more than 20 years of experience as an educator with proven results in student and district-wide achievement. Dr. Norman has served in several leadership positions at the school and district levels. Her comprehensive educational leadership experience includes, Chief Academic Officer, Project Administrator for Instruction, Model Teacher Leader as well as ELA & Gifted Education Coordinator.


Dr. Norman has the proven ability to work cooperatively with staff, administrators, and other stakeholders. She is very organized, highly motivated, and an exceptional critical thinker/decision-maker. She is highly respected in the educational industry for being innovative, data-driven, a research-based leader with strong analytical and problem-solving skills and for her demonstrated ability to administrate multifaceted instructional budgets, initiatives and projects to completion.


Trained and a certified graduate of Learning Forward National Professional Learning Association,  Dr. Norman is committed to professional excellence that can also serve as a guide for educators to make a greater impact on student achievement.


Lisa Norman, Ed.D.

Senior Consultant @ The 21st Century New Teacher Institute, LLC


lisa norman, ed.d.

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