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21st Century New teacher Institutes Receives the Charles A Dana Center 2015 & 2016 International Facilitation Fellowship Award! 

21st Century New Teacher Institute will partner with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin and the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity to advance math education for children on U.S. military bases. (Continue reading…)


7 Steps To More Engaging Professional Development

Most administrators and teachers share a common view of professional development: It's not always as productive as they hope, or it takes valuable time away from more pressing instructional demands. But seven simple steps can lead to more engaging, collaborative, and effective professional development, no matter the topic. (Continue reading…)


How Do You Rate as a Lifelong Learner? 

In their study of top leaders in all fields, Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus found, “It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.” The researchers also came to the conclusion that “leaders are perpetual learners.” Knowledge by itself will not make you a successful leader, but without it, you will not become one. (Continue reading...) 


6 Statements about Poverty 

The May 2013 issue of Educational Leadership focuses on the theme, “Faces of Poverty.” Check out this infographic which list six profound statements about poverty.


Common Core Content...What to look for...

Preparing teachers and students for classroom instruction and summative assessment success is priority one as the transition to Common Core curriculum unfolds. Educators are grappling with what to look for when weighing Common Core assessment options. The choices are many—the solutions varied. How and where do educators begin to navigate through it all? (Continue Reading...)


Empowering Teacher Effectiveness: Five Key Factors for Success

At the heart of teacher effectiveness is the teacher’s ability to understand the individual profiles—the strengths and weaknesses—of every student in the classroom. Although data °© driven instruction has long been a focus of districts across the country, the 

complex challenge of connecting student data to the appropriate instructional strategies and resources remains one of the greatest

obstacles to teacher effectiveness. Curriculum-°© focused professional development helps provide teachers the “what” they need 

to provide in terms of classroom instruction. However, the questions of “why” specific students require certain instructional 

resources and “when” those resources are needed are the key questions that will unlock schools’ ability to empower teachers to

obtain a level of effectiveness that will improve student outcomes. (Continue Reading...)


A 'Neglected' Population Gets Another Chance

Around the country, schools and community groups are moving beyond dropout prevention to recover the students who have already left. Read the full report.


Data-Driven Goals: A Solution to Personalize Education

In 2004, when Cumberland County Schools sought a robust data warehouse that was designed to scale, it implemented the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®. Building on years of data collected in the data warehouse, eScholar and Cumberland County Schools partnered to develop and implement eScholar myTrack®, an award-winning solution that leverages longitudinal data to personalize education for individual students. Using myTrack, educators and support staff manage student progress using a goal-based system that also tracked strategies and programs that have been implemented with students. Read this case study to learn more about how one district combined longitudinal data with goal setting to personalize education for its students. (Continue Reading...)



Featured Videos


Gaming for Life Skills

Could a video game about aliens change the way U.S. schools think about testing? Researchers in Wisconsin believe new games like Crystals of Kaydor can measure learning in real time and help build “noncognitive skills” like self-control and empathy. (Click here for video)


Seven Steps to Effective Instructional Leadership 




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