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Ennis Harvey has more than 19 years of diverse teaching and leadership experience at the primary, secondary and district levels. This experience include serving as both principal and assistant principal at the K-12 level and his district leadership experience include serving as a Project Administrator for High School Transformation, where he led the Georgia school district in transforming all of its’ large comprehensive high schools into small schools and small learning communities.


This oversight included the monitoring and supervision of instructional strategies that facilitated sustained student achievement throughout the districts' 23 transformed high schools and small learning communities. Mr. Harvey also provided support for managing the high school transformation budget of $ 65.4 million dollars with an annual operating budget of $13 million.

Mr. Harvey is currently serving as a School Improvement Specialist with Metro Regional Educational Services, which is contracted by Georgia Department of Education to lead schools through a comprehensive school improvement process model. He leads schools in effective implementation of school improvement plans that includes measurable long-term goals and short-term objectives as well as aligned strategies, interventions, activities, milestones, professional learning plans, and budgets support the overall school improvement process.


Ennis Harvey, Ed.S.

Senior Consultant @ The 21st Century New Teacher Institute, LLC


ennis harvey, ed.s.

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